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Originating from Japan, reiki opens energetic pathways and allows you to receive unconditional love.


In a session, Skygina balances and aligns your chakras, and helps you to move through and release blocked energy, trauma, pain, and negative emotions. 


A treatment feels like a wonderful glowing radiance that moves through and around you.  It works on the physical, mental, and energetic levels.


This can be done in person or over the phone across any distance. You truly have to try it to feel the life-changing benefits.

Reiki is a beneficial healing modality that is very popular and utilize for health and wellness it is based on energetic Principles and has practice in many hospitals, medical settings, and in private practice all around the world. 

Please note:
For 30 Minute Reiki Session. First time clients please arrive 30 minutes prior to your session booking to fill out your client intake forms.

Basic 30 minutes Reiki sessions chakra balancing  $55. 

 Infinite Ra Reiki Session are 1 hour @ $110.00
 The infinite heart session are designed to deep in your connection with your true divine self. Whether your goals are to divine healing, divine  guidance or spiritual awakening, the Infinite Heart session can provide you with the support you need on your spiritual path. Using a combination of methods such as light language, Orisha consciousness, infinite heart session help you uncover your true divine potential and remove any obstacles in your path.