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Meet EgyptianSky


EgyptianSky Is a Certified Kemetic Yoga Teacher through Yoga Skills, School of Kemetic Yoga by Master Instructor Yirser Ra Hotep. She passionately practices and educates people on holistic self care through creativity, movement, plant based nutrition, and natural beauty. She has been practicing yoga for over five years, has been leading an holistic, natural lifestyle for over nine years and mentoring youth for over 30. Sky loves combining her gifts, talents, and values to have a positive impact on her global community.


SKYGINA developed a passion for fitness after losing her mother at a younger age from diabetes.  Determined not to go down the same path, she changed her lifestyle, became a vegetarian, lost over 70 pounds and was cured of gestational diabetes.  In this journey, she became motivated to help others live healthy lifestyles.  She advises, “If you stay fit and exercise regularly, you will repair your telomeres, which slow down the aging process.  It  protects your organs, eliminates toxins and maintains your muscular structure of your body.”  SKYGINA is also a mother of 4, so she understands how to maintain a healthy lifestyle while balancing family life.


In addition to fitness, SKYGINA is also experienced in fashion. Sky’s boutique features fashion collections that accompany the transformation of her clients’ bodies and minds.

In her fashion career, SKYGINA has worked as a model for the John Mikos Modeling Agency, doing several print advertising campaigns such as Casual Corners and Montgomery Ward.