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The human body  was created and designed to heal itself, but only if you feed it the right fuel. Being a Holistic Health Coach, I am here to assist you through sacred meal planning with foods prepared by you that come straight from Mother Earth’s kitchen and into your magnificent body. The Creator has given us every green herb for the healing of our minds, bodies and spirits. 

Please visit my store. I also offer sacred candles for self-connecting through meditation and prayer to your Ancestors, oils and sprays for your aura & body energy, and crystals for Reiki and energy work and much more. Additionally, I offer spiritual mentoring and coaching to help you gain clarity and a readiness to “pick up the phone line” when your soul comes calling! I hope you will find something that lights up your life here in my online wellness spa. But if there is something you're seeking and you do not see it here, please drop me an email and I may be able to locate it for you. You are invited to sign-up as a member and receive special offers and notices of upcoming events. 

I cannot stress enough how important it is to live in authenticity, without judgement & regret. Let your history simply be a stepping stone for making the jump from the mundane to the magical. Do not look to the past to plan for the future as you are no longer in that place. And this is so for a reason. Embrace the beating of your heart and the warmth of the sun Ra, for this day will never come again. And do not forget that an even better one will follow in its wake.

Have fun here  and know that you are Divine and Loved.

Hotep & Ashe,